Target the right customers through PPC campaigns!

You have often heard that after a while, most of the sales of an online business are brought in by PPC campaigns. And you heard right! You get conversions if you work with professionals who can set up your campaigns so that they convert. And we offer you:

  • Optimizing the invested budget
  • Permanent monitoring of the campaigns
  • Reports with the results obtained
I want PPC campaigns!

Have you tried PPC campaigns so far and got modest results?

You may experience one of the following issues:

What kind of PPC campaigns we can deliver

You don’t have to guess which campaign suits you. We are here to advise!

Search Network Campaigns

Using keywords, you can reach your targeted audience faster.

Display Network Campaigns

The display network provides you with the advertising space that you can use to send messages through graphic and text ads and is represented by Google and its partners.

Traffic campaigns to the website or shop

Attract traffic to your website or online shop through attractive ads on social media. But not before making sure that your website or online store is attractive enough.

PPC campaigns based on video content

Video ads are increasingly popular and can be distributed through PPC campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Retargeting campaigns

Did they buy from your online store at least once? How about retargeting them? Or maybe they just found out about your service and you need to remind them why your product attracted them. Whatever the answer, well-optimized retargeting campaigns can bring excellent results.

PPC campaigns for lead generation

Do you want to gather a relevant database that you can later target with ads about your products or services? Do you want to increase the number of subscribers to the newsletter service? Then a lead generation campaign is right for your strategy.

80% of people search for information online before buying something

Even if the desire to buy exists, it is important that potential customers choose you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to the detailed reports, which we will send each month, we will also set certain objectives for exposure together with you. For example: if you want your offer to materialize in phone calls from those who might be interested in your promotion, we will deliver you phone calls!

You need it if you want to increase the audience of your website or social media channels. PPC campaigns are good especially when you have certain good offers, launch a new product or service, or simply when you want a boost in visitors.

You can usually notice a decrease in organic reach, but that does not mean you have to panic. You can maintain a good position of your website or posts, by providing original and relevant content for the audience. Also, don’t forget about SEO optimization, which is a must have for every brand out there.

Use PPC campaigns and improve your marketing strategy!

  • Search network campaigns

  • Display network campaigns

  • Traffic campaigns to the website or shop

  • PPC campaigns based on Video content

  • Retargeting campaigns

  • PPC campaigns for lead generation