Eternity Funeral Services

With almost 20 years of experience in the profile industry, Eternity defined its image in the offline environment through an old and outdated website, a logo and visual identity materials with an outdated design too. However, the brand enjoyed popularity on the local market, due to its age, experience and services, a fact that helped us shape a positive presence in the online environment.


Rebranding logo and existing materials, creating websites and creating online images.


  • website with outdated design
  • logo and visual identity materials with outdated design
  • lack of presence in Social Media


  • Analysis and market study
  • Redesign logo
  • Redesign brand identity materials
  • Create a website
  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Management

  • Facebook Ads

  • SEO optimization

Story logo – Eternity

We have created a complex logo, which includes text and graphic elements, distributed horizontally. From a symbolic point of view, a cross was chosen – a defining element for the industry in which the client operates. It is surrounded by a laurel wreath, which also denotes the idea of ​​protection.

The font chosen for the text is one consisting of straight lines, to emphasize two of the brand’s values: safety and trust. Beyond that, to position the brand with a premium image in the market, our designer chose the golden color with gradient.

Colours used for branding materials

From a coloristic point of view, we chose gold and black.

Black denotes elegance, but is at the same time representative for the client’s field of activity. The gradient gold shade also transmits the idea of a premium brand.

The choice of colors was not done by accident, it was made after an extensive study on national and international competition.

Visual Identity Materials


The website was created to answer the most frequently asked questions of the audience to which the Eternity brand addresses itself. The menu is relatively simple, the purpose being to transmit the story of the brand in a clear and concise way.

Also, we followed with a detailed presentation of the services and packages offered by the client, a practice often encountered in the case of profile websites.
The sections have been designed to allow the user an easy navigation within them.

At the same time, a serious but familiar language was used to explain the activity of Eternity. Taking into consideration, the strategy of creating the website, both in terms of structure and representative content, we managed to reduce the bounce rate by 15% in the first 6 months of our collaboration.

Marketing & PPC Campaigns

After an analysis of the online environment and competitors, taking into account parameters such as: average age and diversity of content, we decided that the best Social Media channel for promoting the Eternity brand is Facebook. Starting from these details, we created and customized the Facebook page and started investing in its development.

We created a page from scratch and we managed to increase the interaction through relevant posts and dedicated campaigns. One of our objectives was to have a minimum 70% engagement rate, in the first 12 months from the beginning of our collaboration.

And thanks to the implemented strategy and campaigns, we reached an engagement rate of 78%, in the first 11 months of our collaboration. The brand also enjoys better market recognition and appreciation of the services presented in Social Media.

Regarding Google Ads, we managed to increase the number of visitors of the website by 58%, in 6 months from the beginning of the marketing process through dedicated campaigns using the most representative keywords for the brand.

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