Maya Fashion

“A happy life is a collection of unforgettable memories.”

Maya Fashion is a brand who is sewing dreams and blissful moments for all brides. With a passion for creation, Maya Fashion has materialized the visions of thousands of clients delivering gorgeous, comfortable and sophisticated wedding dresses.


Visual identity without digital marketing is the same as a shell that has nothing to protect.

Our century is defined by digital marketing, with the majority of brands gaining an intense following from their website and social media. Maya Fashion was in need of both website and digital marketing services, which would help them attract clients and boost the brand further on the market. This is where we take part in growing this brand to the notoriety it holds today.


Maya Fashion needed help with the following:

  • Website and SEO;

  • Social media management (Instagram);

  • Blog copywriting;
  • Branding materials;

  • The brand’s absence to international and national exposure.


Calculated strategies bring countless media coverages, magazine issues, engagement resulting from social media, promotional events, website design, and perpetual research in adapting to the latest trends and marketing tools.

Pion Media successfully created the path to online exposure for Maya Fashion.

Maya Fashion is now one of the most renowned Romanian wedding dresses brands that continues to grow steadily, making each bride look fabulous and comfortable when saying the heart-fluttering „Yes” at the altar.

What we did

  • We designed a proper and functional website, which is very accessible for clients due to the implemented persuasive design. We added a blog, where we are posting frequently articles in order to increase the website’s traffic.
  • An Instagram page was created, where we are posting consistently, and managed to reach a number of over 4,000 organic followers. The exposure to social media helped Maya Fashion get recognized by big magazines that advertised Maya Fashion’s creations in their publications.
  • Pion Media designed branding material needed for events, promotions via social media such as business cards, letterheads, banners, and so on.
  • Our company was also in charge of PR activities for Maya Fashion. We kept in contact with all event organizers, collaborators, influencers, supplying all information required to our client.
  • The continuous success and growth of the business led to the opening of a second shop in Bucharest, which is enjoying a high number of customers each year.

“Ever since we started collaborating with Pion Media we noticed outstanding results, indicating their years of experience in the domain. They are our trusted collaborators and we are gladly recommending them to everyone who needs marketing services.”

Testimonial by Mariana Florea, Manager of Maya Fashion